Phos Services

Mainland Greece, together with its many islands, offers a stunning visual world whose diversity continues to surprise even well-traveled eyes. Some excellent location possibilities include turquoise-blue seas, clean sandy beaches and caves, rural and city locales, mountains and fields, lakes and gorges, churches and monasteries, serpentine roads and cliffs, arid and industrial landscapes.

This range of exquisite locations coupled with intense, pure and bright light throughout the year creates beautiful photography and makes Greece a wonderful location for filming.

Greece is a prime alternative as a cost-effective production location. Excellent specialized shooting includes aerial and underwater photography and special effects.

Some other features include:

• sun all year-round (up to 360 days)
• unspoilt nature
• competitive pricing
• access to film permits for archaeological sites

Phos Productions collaborates with professional and multi-lingual crew, artists and talent operating in
the hub of one of the most hospitable, multi-cultural and film-friendly countries in the world.

Studios are also available and these, together with out-of-season cost packages during our winter months, make filming here very attractive.

Post-production laboratories are top quality and offer a comprehensive range of additional facilities and services.


In the event you need to be in Athens to cover news, current affairs stories or events we can provide your reporter and crew with any of the following services:

• News and Production Office
• Producer (Creative & Resource)
• Equipment (including camera, sound and lights)
• Technical and Production Crew
• Accommodation
• Transport