Phos Profile

Phos is an independent production company based in Athens, Greece. Founded by
Australian producer Eleni Atsikbasis in January 2000 to develop and produce feature
length, short and documentary films.

Eleni brings over 10 years of combined creative service and media related production
to her role as Producer. She has an extensive and successful career in the film and television
industry and has attained a realistic working knowledge of the production process, both
behind the scenes and on the front line.

Eleni's attention to detail makes the production process efficient, dynamic and consciously cost–effective. She has worked with filmmakers, broadcasters and partner companies from more
than 15 countries thus, developing a strong understanding of the international production process
and market requirements.

Production credits include: 'Crisis' dir. M Papadogeorgou (Documentary) 22' (BBC World - My Country Greece series), Evil in the Time of Heroes, dir. Y Noussias (Feature), Legacy of China,
dir. J Finnigan (Documentary) 60', Return of Homelands, dir. G Veras (Creative Documentary) 60' (PBS), Olympic Champions, 'Sixty Minutes' Network Nine, Australia, 1hr television (Current Affairs) and, The Return of LST-325, 90' (Documentary) – National Audio Video NY, A History Channel Presentation.

Eleni enjoys working with new and established talent. The focus is on pooling original, commercial
and managerial elements to develop and produce unique films with a strong identity.

Moreover, she provides story development management, production consultation and coordination services on a project-to-project basis for local and international films, TVCs and web production.

Phos has been granted financial support for feature film development from MEDIA.

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